Everquest Class Message Boards(And info sites)

Update, Sat Apr 2 19:35:34 2011. This page is severely out of date. I haven't played EQ since 2002, sorry to anyone who finds this page and is disappointed by broken links. Feel free to message me (Goladus) at the graffe forums with corrections.

Magician's Tower (Tower Library)
Graffe's Wizard Discussion (Graffe's Wizard Compilation)
Everquest Necromancer Forums
Enchanter (The Runes)

The Steel Warrior Forums (The Steel Warrior)
The Safehouse Message Board (The Safehouse) - Rogue
Monkly Business @ Ezboard (Monkly Business)

The Concert Hall - Bard

The Ranger's Glade
Paladins of Norrath

The Shaman's Crucible
EQ Clerics
The Druid's Grove