Me vs. Feshlak = 32dps+pet

8352 nuke damage in 259 seconds.. 32dps
Pet active and hasted for for about 90% of the fight. I didn't have pet hold yet so I had to summon pet after engage.

9 casts of Shock of Fiery Blades (level 60 luclin nuke for 1005)
4 casts of Boots of Bladecalling (600 damage in 17 seconds, unfocusable)
1 cast of Shock of Steel (level 57 old world nuke for 805)

Adjusting 8% for damage focus, my unresisted damage would have been:

13,038        50dps

Nukes did 64% of the damage they could have done, due to resistance.

Also, though I don't remember if I had SCM3 yet or not, here's my mana use:

SOFB = 3006 raw, ~2250 after aa and focus.
SOS = 275 raw, ~205 after aa and focus.

Total mana used.. 2450.

I probably used about 60% of my available mana. One side effect of bad resists is high aggro. (Resists seem to generate extra aggro) When I'm getting resisted a lot I tend to slow my nuke pace even more.

I would guess my dps was between 55 and 70 after you count the pet. Respectable, maybe even higher than what a rogue would expect during that fight. Unfortunately, I don't have a Rogue parse of that fight immediately available.

Me vs. Kreizenn = 25dps + no pet

This isn't really an example of a fair fight, because as luck had it I was unable to get into a safe position to summon my pet before the fight. I tried 5 times to summon it during the fight but was interrupted by the AE every time. I gave up and started nuking with my level 57 nuke, getting off 9 nukes (11 attempts.. interrupted twice) for a total of 6721 damage. With practice and /pet hold I no longer have this problem for this fight, so don't take the 25dps too seriously.

That 6721 was out of a possible 7824. Showing an 86% rate of effectiveness during that 262 second fight.

Me vs. Itrear Vius = 83dps + pet (post rod nerf)

I also probably had slightly better equipment for this fight.

Malosini = 1 cast
Boots of Bladecalling = 4 casts = 2400 potential damage
Shock of Fiery Blades(focused) = 15 casts = ~16275 potential damage
Firebolt of Tallon = 3 casts = 5760 potential damage

Actual damage = 22827 in 275 seconds
Potential unresisted damage = 24435

Estimated nuke effectiveness 93%.

I didn't use all my mana but I used most of it.

Equipment wasn't identical between the ToV fights and the IV fight, but it was close. I may have added a Choker of the Wretched but otherwise my equip has not changed significantly in a long time.

Point is to show again the importance factors other than fight duration. All three fights were around 4 -4.5 minutes long, yet mage performance was drastically different in each one. This is before you even get into the obviously melee-biased fights like Aaryonar.

Prime Executioner Valthoch, Rogue/Mage comparison

This was a 95 second fight, we kited before engage so I had basically as much mana as I wanted. My only concern was aggro.

Rogue Melee(Ragebringer/Windspeeder, no primal that I could see, may have used disc, I forgot to ask)
Total Elapsed Time: 95 seconds
Estimated time spent in combat: 95 seconds (100%)
Total damage dealt: 11763
Total hits: 157
Highest hit: 513
Lowest hit: 1
DPS in Combat: 123.9
DPS Overall: 123.9

Epic Mage Pet Melee(not including procs)
Total Elapsed Time: 95 seconds
Estimated time spent in combat: 88 seconds (92%)
Total damage dealt: 5089
Total hits: 86
Highest hit: 81
Lowest hit: 21
DPS in Combat: 57.8
DPS Overall: 53.5

Mage Nukes
Total Elapsed Time: 95 seconds
Total damage dealt: 7480
DPS in Combat: 78.7

Rogue ~124 + (procs?)
Mage 131 + procs + damage shield