Karnors Castle xp group (12/25/01)
This is a summary of an xp group in Karnors with levels ranging from 52-58. This log includes a comparison of two different nuking classes (druid/mage) and is also somewhat rare in that the group functioned the entire time without haste or clarity.

Chardok xp group (4/2/02)
This is a careful and moderately detailed parse of an xp group in Chardok

In-combat pet regen test (9/1/02)
This test demonstrates several things. The primary purpose was to show that pets do not regenerate during combat. Also here is a hitpoint measurement of the epic pet and measurement of the healing dps of two chained heal spells.

Posting from Safehouse thread (12/25/02)
This post includes several boss fights over a period of time. The logs listed were taken in the months prior to the posting date.